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We offer free advertising for all charity groups events.

Thank you for considering our network to advertise your registered charity events. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that we offer free accounts to all registered charity events. By signing up for a free account with us, you can ensure that your events are easily accessible to a wider audience, and you can advertise your events with ease. Our platform is designed to help charities increase their exposure and reach more people, ultimately helping to raise awareness about your cause and garnering greater support from the community. We are always thrilled to work with registered charity events and are eager to help you promote your events effectively. Our easy-to-use network is user-friendly and can help you maximize the reach of your charity. So if you haven’t already, sign up for a free account today and let us help you spread the word about your next registered charity event!

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26 Mar 2023

City Park [Fallon]

EDM Festival

26 Sep 2023

Vibes Town [Kitty Hawk]

Spring Break Camp

26 Nov 2023

Venom Park [Annapolis]

Neon Desert

01 Sep 2024

Arena Club [Bangor]

Underground Night Party

26 Sep 2024

Sound City CLub [Alexandria]

Alexandria Sound City

26 Sep 2024

Music Park [Fargo]

Summer Sonic

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