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Radio Advertising for local business.. Boosting your sales and company's reach is the major goal for any business owner, Aldershot community radio can help you achieve this. Radio advertising is an excellent low-cost, high-frequency, high-reach medium that is proven to drive people to take action. Radio adverts create emotional responses to listeners. In turn, consumers regard the ads as [...]
Local advertising opportunity's made better  Would you like advertising for your company or business on the Aldershot Community  Radio Station ? Aldershot Community Internet Radio Station has now been running for Nearly 2 years and has listeners from the local and surrounding areas and further afield, graphs have shown that we have well over 1000 [...]

With light at the end of the tunnel, it is still vital that we continue to support our local businesses and protect the wider community. As part of Rushmoor Borough Council’s ‘Shop Safe. Shop Local.’ campaign, a short poem-based video was created to highlight the ongoing need to support our local businesses. Owners and employees […]

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